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Our Curriculum

Our approach to learning at Village Kidz is one that fosters an absolute love of learning in a sensory rich, joyful environment.


Our daily program enables and encourages preschool children to develop a variety of developmental and life skills throughout their day. Our curriculum is CAPS aligned, providing children with a comprehensive, holistic educational experience. Our learning themes include but are not limited to:  

  • communication, language and literacy

  • exploring mathematics

  • creativity through expressive art and design

  • music and drama

  • sensory experiences

  • knowledge and understanding of the world around us

  • physical development   

  • personal, social and emotional development

School readiness is implemented from your child’s first step into Village Kidz, and continues consistently until the day they graduate at the end of Grade R. The Village Babes and Preschool curriculum is designed to encourage the above key developmental and life skills. Learning within the classrooms are divided into various unique spaces, and children are encouraged to ask questions, extending their core learning opportunities through their innate inclination to explore the world around them.


Our teaching staff continually strive to create age-appropriate learning experiences, that are both engaging for the children, and in line with our thematic based learning approach. Developmental opportunities are extended throughout our whole school campus, including our many outdoor areas, so that children are able to learn through play and exploration at any time during their school day.

We believe that the simplest materials facilitate the richest play because they fuel imagination. Structured play forms a major part of our pre-school environment and this gives children hands-on experience in our CAPS aligned areas of learning: Mathematics, Languages & Literacy and Life Skills. Even before children learn terminology, children internalise concepts which in turn creates a deeper understanding of a given subject.

It is important to remember that there is no evidence to suggest that a child who spends more time learning through lessons – as opposed to learning through play – will “do better” in the long run. On the contrary, research suggests the opposite; that too formal too soon can be dangerously counterproductive.


Our Classes


The Village Kidz Early Learning Development Programme starts with our Village Babes (12-24 months) and progresses through to the Reception Class (Grade R). Throughout our program, children are nurtured and equipped to be life-long learners, easily transitioning into any Primary School when they reach Grade 1.


Our Village Kidz classes are divided into 3 departments:



12-24 months

1:6 adult-child ratio



2-3 years (max 20 children per class)

Gr000 (max 20 children per class)

1:10 adult-child ratio


Gr00 (max 20 children per class)

GrR (max 16 children per class)

1:10 adult-child ratio


Our Unique Spaces


sports field


The astro sports field is where weekly Physical Education takes places, which forms a crucial part of a child's development; socially, mentally and physically

CAL-6316 small.jpg

mamba adventure


Much time is spent in the Mamba Adventure Park where our children soak-up the pump track, suspended walkways and all that nature has to offer

Screenshot 2022-10-21 at 17.41.00.png

astro playground


Astro land with its plethora of jungle gyms, swings, rides and sand pit provides a wonderful daily escape for our little people

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-21 at 6.24.03 PM.jpeg

the yard


The yard is our most recent creation. Located under the trees, the space offers wonderful play and extra-mural opportunities under the trees

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