Our Curriculum

Village Kidz has a comprehensive, thematic-based curriculum with a clear process of learning and with specific learning goals for every subject and for personal growth. 


Our progressive CAPS curriculum provides a holistic educational experience for children to develop in the following seven key areas:  

  • Communication and language

  • Physical development   

  • Personal, social and emotional development

  • Literacy

  • Problem-solving and reasoning (Numeracy)

  • Understanding of the world   

  • Creativity (Expressive arts and design) 

Our Learning Goals


Cover the knowledge (facts and information children learn), the skills (practical abilities children need to be able to do) and the understandings (the deeper awareness) of key concepts) 


Refer to those qualities and dispositions we believe children will need in the 21st century, which are enquiry, resilience, morality, communication, thoughtfulness, cooperation, respect and adaptability. These qualities will enable children to be at ease with the continually changing context of their lives. 


Involve learning goals that help our young children understand and appreciate our diverse cultures and communities which make up our wonderful rainbow nation.

Our Classes


The Village Kidz Early Learning Development Programme starts from 12 months old and progresses through to the Reception Class (Grade R). We prepare our Grade R students for the CAPS programme that is taught at our main feeder school, Umhlali Primary School. In our Village Kidz senior classes we teach literacy using the Letterland programme and for numeracy, we teach with the Numicon programme. Our Village Kidz classes are divided into 3 groups:



12-18 months (max 18 children per class)

18-24 months (max 18 children per class)



2-3 years (max 20 children per class)

Gr000 (max 20 children per class)


Gr00 (max 20 children per class)

GrR (max 18 children per class)

Our Unique Spaces

school field


Physical Education forms a crucial part of a child's development, socially, mentally and physically

mamba adventure


Much time is spent in the Mamba Adventure Park where our children soak in all that nature has to offer

music studio


Each week our children enjoy fun-filled classes incorporating music, dance and drama