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According to the Department of Basic Education, Grade-R is now considered a compulsory year of schooling. At Village Kidz, our child-centred approach to education focusses on developing a wide range of learning competencies, thus instilling in each child the confidence to enter Grade 1 ready to engage in and benefit from their early learning experiences that best promote the success of the child.


We have consciously capped the class sizes at no more than 16-children so that our teaching staff have ample time to give special attention to each and every child, as we prepare them to enter and thrive within any primary school environment. We retain a Teacher and a qualified Teacher’s Assistant for each Grade-R class, thus enhancing our ability to provide individual support to every one of the children in our care.


Our teachers and support staff intentionally set out to nurture and develop our Village Kidz children to be confident, self-assured, and well-rounded individuals, and these objectives flow through the Grade-R curriculum throughout the year. This includes a balanced focus on social, emotional, physical and scholastic development.

We believe that it is important for young children to experience a senior year, where we acknowledge their growth and achievements, and allow them a few special privileges that celebrate their growing maturity and independence. With this comes a growing responsibility, which our children tackle with enthusiasm.

Part of developing a sense of pride and responsibility in Grade-R is the compulsory wearing of our Village Kidz uniform. This includes our Village Kidz “Reception class” t-shirt, blue school shorts and red sun hat. We encourage children to remove their shoes for their day at school. This helps children to feel grounded and strengthens the muscles in children's feet and ankles, improving balance and posture. Walking barefoot is also an effective way to give children a balanced sensory diet during their school day.

Our Grade-R curriculum is aligned to the Department of Basic Education’s prescribed CAPS curriculum, which we believe provides a firm and balanced foundation for progression into primary school. We touch on all areas of development and school readiness, whilst empowering our Grade-R teaching team to employ various innovative methods to deliver content in a fun, child-centric manner.

Village Kidz is blessed with an abundance of outdoor play and learning areas, which we open to all our grades from their early years. These areas have been created to stimulate a higher level of learning, which we believe is unlocked by allowing children the freedom of movement and playing in one’s natural environment.

At all times we encourage our children to explore the boundaries of their many learning spaces, guided by the teaching staff. It is with much happiness and satisfaction that we watch our Grade-R children become confidently inquisitive and independent, thus entrenching a strong sense of self and readiness for a future in which they will step into confidently.


Intra-mural Activities


Our Village Kidz Grade-R year is a busy year with lots of activities on the go throughout each week. Our balanced curriculum ensures that all areas of development are catered for.


Swimming & Physical Education

Swimming is a life skill and as such, forms an important part of our weekly routine in Grade-R. Swimming lessons are provided on the Eden Village property and these lessons are included in your Grade-R school fees. Grade-R children also take part in a Physical Education session once a week with a specialist PE Teacher.


When it comes to kids playing padel, the benefits extend far beyond just having a good time on the court. Engaging in this dynamic sport provides numerous advantages for their physical, mental, and social development. As children immerse themselves in the world of padel, they experience an active lifestyle that promotes fitness and motor skill development.


Music with Teacher Kate is a firm favourite at Village Kidz and the skills and confidence that they gain through these sessions are showcased at our highly anticipated year end functions.


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